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Efficient woodworm control in Argyll, Glasgow and Ayrshire

Argyll Property Care Ltd recognise the importance in carrying out a full and comprehensive survey particularly when dealing with wood boring insect attack. Not all wood boring infestation found within buildings will require chemical treatment. If chemical treatment is deemed necessary, all chemicals used are water based and are used in strict accordance with the latest COSHH Guidelines.

Treat woodworm to prevent damage

Woodworm is the name given to all the insects that find themselves in the wooden structures of a property. The damage caused by these creatures can range from a small visible patch to complete structural damage resulting in replacement of the entire wood foundation. Our hands-on experience in the trade has enabled us to solve woodworm issues in several properties across Dunoon and the surrounding areas.

Woodworm: Services
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Get a woodworm-free property and prevent bigger issues

Argyll Property Care Ltd is based in Dunoon and was established in 2015. For the past 6 years we have provided services both in our local area and throughout the wider, surrounding areas of Argyll and Ayrshire. We are proud to offer a comprehensive service and offer you a range of options when it comes to woodworm issues.

How Argyll Property Care Ltd Can Help

Our woodworm removal and treatment service includes:

Professional help and advice

Free quotes

Insecticide spraying in a safe, effective manner

Long-term guarantee

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"Grant carried out a condensation/damp assessment. I found him to be a great communicator providing a customer centred, professional service at a reasonable price."

RalphM-59, Review

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To learn more about our woodworm control services in Dunoon, Greenock and Largs,

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